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Publication: "Changing Budgeting Administration in International Organizations"

By Prof. Dr. Klaus H. Goetz & Dr. Ronny Patz


Prof. Dr. Klaus H. Goetz and Dr. Ronny Patz contributed a chapter, titled "Changing Budgeting Administration in International Organizations: Budgetary Pressures, Complex Principals and Administrative Leadership", to the "International Bureaucracy" volume edited by Michael W. Bauer, Christoph Knill and Steffen Eckhard. The book is a result of the research conducted in the DFG research unit on "International Public Administration".


This chapter combines insights from Comparative Public Administration (CPA) and International Relations (IRs) to explain change in the administrative organization and procedures of budgeting in international organizations (IOs). Such changes are typically triggered by budgetary pressures, but the form they take is decisively influenced by the constellation of principals and the reactions of administrative leaders. International public administrations (IPAs) often confront non-unified, complex principals that send ambiguous budgetary signals to the administration. Depending on whether administrative leaders are guided by budget-maximizing or bureau-shaping motivations, different adaptations in administrative structures and procedures for budgeting and resource mobilization result. We illustrate our argument with reference to three UN agencies, ILO, UNESCO and WHO.